Promotional animation InfraTech for Rotterdam Ahoy

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Rotterdam Ahoy

Promotional animation InfraTech


InfraTech is the place to be for the entire Dutch civil engineering sector. This exhibition, organised by Rotterdam Ahoy, reels in over 20.000 visitors to the exhibition hall, where they have the opportunity for social networking and participation in the knowledge programme. Animation turned out to be a great solution for explaining the core of the exhibition in an approachable manner to visitors and exhibitors.

Smart connections

There’s more to infrastructure than roads and cars; it’s all about smart connections between available and new knowledge, combined into innovative projects. The animation highlights various part within the civil engineering sector with a colourful clean design, from land to water.

Promotie op social media

The animation can be used for promotional purposes on various social media platforms. The design of the animation matches the InfraTech corporate design and website, which makes it possible to use the separate components for other digital designs and print.

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