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Promotional Animation – Welcome British Telecom


Rotterdam Partners is the PR machine for the city of Rotterdam. And not without success. The last few years, Rotterdam has received tremendous domestic and foreign publicity. This comes down to a smart combination of outstanding exposure and good timing, like with the completion of the Markthal.

Just opposite the main entrance of Rotterdam Centraal station hangs a huge, square screen dubbed The Wow, perfect for any marketing opportunities. Rotterdam Partners thought that this would be the ideal place to inform as many Rotterdammers as possible about what’s happening behind the scenes throughout the city. This gigantic screen can display everything from major event announcements to the establishment of a new multinational company in the city.

Our short promotional animation films show you Rotterdam’s various architectural icons, famous to the city, and also proudly show off that new multinational or highlight that organised the event.

Is your message ready for the whole world to see? Put your words into animation for all marketing purposes, for your smartphone or the big screen. We can edit a full length animation into multiple shorter versions, which can be used on social media. Stand out in the crowd with animation. 

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