Rendement 3D character animation

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Rendement Uitgeverij

3D character animation video


Rendement is a publisher that assists professional specialists with professional matters in a comprehensive and accessible way. Due to the changes in the world and work environment, Rendement asked Studio Analoog to create an animation that elaborates on the earlier designed 3D character Rendie.

Realistical movement of 3D characters

In the corporate animation video different relevant themes are visualized. With complete involvement of the client besides a leading role for Rendie, there was chosen to have room for the character that represents the professional specialist. By customizing the characters and working with different layers of movement, we had the characters perform several actions at the same time and interact within a 3D environment.

Several variations and stills

Rendement is there for professionals in different sectors. By using 14 different voice-overs and pay-offs, Rendement was able to focus the release of the video on different target groups. Besides the video several stills were created. Both are used on different media platforms.

Your own recognizable brand image!

With a brand video you show what you want your brand of company to represent. You communicate why your company is interesting for your target group and what you can mean to them. By not only using video but also stills you can create recognizability and use the content for a longer period of time. Curious about the possibilities?


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