Rendement character design and animation

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Rendement Uitgeverij

3D character design and animation


Rendement is a publisher that focuses on the business market. With publications focused on professional issues, knowledge is available at the right time. The publisher’s image was due for renewal and has therefore asked Studio Analog to develop a character that will represent the brand in future communication. This character plays the leading role in all different media expressions, from commercial, website to printed matter.

Character design

In order to arrive at the final shape of the character, the customer is involved in the entire process. In this way there was full say in the final shape, outfit and appearance. So that the character would fit in well with the brand values ​​and desired appearance of Rendement. Core concepts were professional, helpful, modest and contemporary.
After the character was designed from sketch to 2D illustration, the translation to a 3D character was started. The character was also rigged immediately, so that we could pose and animate him later.

Stills and video

After this we went to work for a number of print expressions, where the final image is a combination of photography and character that come together in the same world. The video was also created in the same way.
In the video, in which the character offers a helping hand in different situations, real life footage is combined with 3D character animation. We have translated the supplied footage into a 3D environment in which we let the character interact with its environment. In this production, Groener Gras was responsible for film direction, film work, sound design and editing.

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