Rinspeed Oasis VR animation

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Rinspeed Oasis VR animation

How do you visualise the future of the automotive industry? Rinspeed suits actions to words and adapts the latest innovative technology of several manufacturers into one, fully operational concept car. This year the ‘Oasis’ hits the spotlight: an autonomous, environmentally friendly car with an interior like a living room and even a small garden.

VR Experience Stahl ut their heads and hands together with Rinspeed to create the Oasis. Their subassemblies are found throughout the whole interior, such as their special coatings and fabrics. A VR experience was commissioned to make the car, and therefore the products of Stahl, accessible to a larger public. The animation is best seen through Google Cardboard or VR glasses, but can also be played as a 360 degree video, as seen here!

Team effort

Virtual Reality gives us a new view on the world, but also asks us to approach visuals and animations differently than we’re used to. With the 360° photographs by Blickfänger and the concept design of GI Design we were able to put this animation together. The spatial audio by SonicPicnic, adds another level of detail to the surroundings, from every angle.

Flexible marketing

The latest consumer technology is presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas each year. The Oasis was a perfect fit. The VR video was delivered to the press, accompanied by a Google Cardboard and a link, for direct accessibility by smartphone. Afterwards, the VR experience was showcased at multiple exhibitions where Stahl was present.

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