Eldon Dakbedekking

Sales animation


Our client Eldon Dakbedekking is specialised in different roofing constructions and materials. A method was needed to provide insight in their wide variety of services during their sales trajectory.

An innovative form of communication would help Eldon stand out from other companies in their line of business.

Therefore Studio Analoog produced a series of 3D animations to help Eldon explain their working process to their varied client base. The realistic design of these animations informs and convinces potential clients of Eldon during the whole of the sales trajectory.
Clear communication of the working process results in a better understanding and builds trust in the product and company, increasing the chance to attract more clients. 

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Communicating between expert and client often results in the loss of crucial information in the process. Studio Analoog simplifies this proces by developing a visual aid to support the expert as well as the client. This way a client know exactly what to expect, without any surprises in the quotation.

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The roof is on fire. We visualised one of the procedures with simulation software, to create a realistic fire that actually responds to the surface it comes into contact with. This breakdown will show you the making of these flames!

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