Social media graphical components NS

2D Animation, Audio Visual Identity, Motion Graphics 2, Promotion

Dutch railways

Social media graphical components NS


NS remains in contact with passengers in all possible ways. NS can now be found on all conceivable platforms; from familiar printed matter to the latest forms of social media. By making use of a fixed set of graphical components, all (video) expressions are brought out consistently and in one visual language.

The need for the video identity

Many different designs – No recognisability – No unity in your brand. The Dutch Railways produces new video material every week. The content of these videos is very diverse, but always contains the core values ​​of the company. To create a clear NS identity within this visual material, a set of image components has been developed. This to provide visual support for all audiovisual communications from NS.

Development process components – accurate to the pixel

In addition to being instantly recognizable as NS, all video elements must also work in any situation. The starting point of the form study is a design that focuses on the information that is discussed, such as names in the lower thirds, subjects in the title cards and an activating message in the outro.Research into font size, white space and amount of animation laid the foundation for the development of a complete package. After the extensive testing phase on both a large screen and small devices, it was time; a professional set of audiovisual image components that can be easily put into use by both NS and external parties.

Dual target audience

When creating the total package, 2 target groups are taken into account. It is important for the viewer that elements are recognizable across the board. Design and animation must give the same feeling on the different platforms, such as Facebook Ads to Instagram Stories and Youtube videos.For the editor it is important that the media package is especially easy to use and that you get a good result quickly. Because of this we made the package for Premiere pro and for Final Cut Pro so that everyone can work with it.

Ease of use

As an extra aid, we have created an extensive style guide. This way, every user of different levels can immediately start using this media package.
This contains, for example, installation steps, what you can and should not do. You can also find out which image components there are and how you can use them.

Impact on all platforms

Nowadays it is important to reach your target group in the right place. How do you do that? By publishing the right content on the right platforms. A strong corporate identity must be applicable cross-media. For recognisability among your users, confidence in your brand and a professional image. We think along about the logic of the elements you need, and the application thereof.

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