Startup video content smart EV charging station

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Startup video content EV charging station


Q-Reelis a start-up that wants to facilitate the charging process of electric driving (but also sailing, motorcycling, etc.). To do this, a semi-automatic loading unit has been designed that you can install in your garage, on your facade or on the optional pole. Most EV drivers have the need to always plug in the car after parking. In the current situation, these are quite a few steps you have to take.

What is the Q-Reel?

With an ingenious system, Q-Reel has come up with a way in which the charging cable automatically rolls out the moment you arrive with your car. You now only have to put the plug in your car. When the car is charged, the plug is automatically ejected. To show the effect and the product in full glory, we have developed various visual expressions such as a promo video, animations and stills to make the product known and to make the effect of the target group clear.

We were involved in the development of a complete package of visual elements from the outset.

When we started developing all visual assets, the product was still in the development phase. We drew up a plan in advance and together with Q-Reel which image components were needed at what time and delivered them in phases at the necessary moments.
In addition to the promo video, we also made various stills and shorts for social media, a press kit and various images for the website. We have also developed instruction and installation material. In short, a complete package of visual material to give Q-Reel a flying start and then a good foundation for all its expressions.

Film and video gecombineerd

Together with BlickfängerBlickfänger we took care of the conceptual part of the video. After this, Blickfänger produced the production and recording. We added all graphic and animated parts to the shot footage using camera tracking and camera matching.

Do you also need an agency that already thinks along during the development of your product on the creation of the various visual expressions?

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