Surgery Animation DMEK

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D.O.R.C. International

Surgery Animation DMEK


D.O.R.C. is a developer and supplier in the field of ophthalmic surgical instruments. Together with specialists, D.O.R.C. developed medical instruments to allow for specific or improved treatments.

We developed a medical 3D animation for a tool set that allows for a ‘no touch’ cornea transplant, DMEK, which shows how the tool is used during treatment. The target group is primarily specialists, but the surgery animation can also be used to inform the patient about how the treatment is carried out.

With just the right level of abstraction and the addition of simple infographics, this medical animation adds to the value of this instrument and sheds light on the process. This in sharp contrast to the regular way, video images.

The surgery animation is easy to follow thanks to the right level of abstraction and the clear infographics. This leaves enough room to highlight the USP’s of the medical instrument, as opposed to regular real life footage.

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