Technical 3D animation MARQ for Eldon Dakbedekking

Commercial, Motion Graphics 2, Promotion, Technical

Eldon Dakbedekking

Technical 3D animation MARQ

Eldon Dakbedekking and subsidiary company Grillo Dakafwerkingen offer a wide variety of products for any roof, such as the permanent fall protection by MARQ. The technical aspects and qualities of MARQ are highlighted in our promotional 3D animation.

Same style, custom look

The style is similar to our previous animation for Eldon: 3D realism, with a focus on the operation of the fall protection. Because of the similarities, MARQ can be added to the existing animations right away. With the explanatory sales animation as a starting point, we developed a second animation with a more commercial approach: higher pace, voice-over and music. The 2D design is customised to the product itself, thus giving each animation a unique look.

Informative and commercial

A visualisation is more accessible to the customer, and plays a part in a better understanding of the product and the corresponding quote. The animation has an informative and commercial purpose; supporting the sales trajectory with technical information about the product, and highlighting the USP’s to convince the customer.


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