Granulex® 5 Series

Technical product animation


Bühler Group is a solution provider for the food, feed and mobility industry with a global relevance.


They introduced the new Granulex 5 Series, the energy efficient and flexible flagship of Bühler’s hammer mills. 

The goal

The animation lets the target audience understand the functionalities, benefits and feel compelled to find out more about the product. The animation is used for sales presentations, socials and events.

Our solution

The accuracy of visualising all technical aspects, specifications and unique features of the product was important.

final result

With extensive research and several references to the mechanism of action, it was made sure that the animation is correct and technically accurate.


To explain the functionalities of the machine, it was necessary to visualise how the grinding process works on the inside. Therefore we tested various techniques to simulate the dynamic particle flow. We were able to show the breaking of the grind in a semi realistic and clean way.


In addition to the full length animation we produced several CMYK skills for Bühler. The animation was used on events to promote the launch of the new Granulex 5 Series.

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