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Venturi Aviation

Start up unveil animaties


In collaboration with Akker start up Venturi Aviation has approached Studio Analoog for the unveil of the Echelon 01, an all-electric 50-seater aircraft. Still in full development and with only a technical model we created a series of realistic animations which made it possible for Venturi to convince the public and investors of their innovation.

Advising and involved role during entire process

From the technical model we made a plan in collaboration with Venturi to decide which visual components were needed at which moment. During different phases of the development process we designed animations with the matching environment, look & feel and setting.

In the first phase the development of the aircraft was not ready to be presented. That is why a temporary website with teaser animations were created. We delivered a dark, exciting shot with the aircraft flying with top down lightning. With the goal of activating potential investors and interested parties to contact Venturi.

High end and realistic feel

In the next phase we brought the model to life by using a high end and realistic feel with different environments. The animations are used on the new website and served as content on an event and in presentations. We also created an additional short unveil video in this phase.

The big, public unveil

Inspired by our work in the previous phase Venturi asked us again to create a big unveil video. In addition we advised Venturi to use a set of three social teasers in the run up to the public unveil in January 2022. This to gain the interest of the big public. In the weeks leading to the unveil there was more and more light used in the social teasers, as if the aircraft was more and more revealed.

“Your fantastic artwork has helped to make it understandable for people and that’s worth a lot!”

Co-founder of Venturi Aviation – Jan-Willem Heinen

A complete media pack

To make sure Venturi had the right components for different expressions, there was a variation of materials delivered. Besides the full length animation, social shorts, clickable loops, stills and 4k stills were created.

Looking for a studio that creates the right content, ready to be implemented, during the development process already?


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