Product unveil Edorado 8S

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Edorado Marine

Product unveil animation


Edorado has asked Studio Analoog to create several animations to promote the unveil of the innovative electric power boat Edorado 8S. With a retractable airfoil construction much less resistance is gained during sailing with more efficiency, higher speed and a lower action radius.

Visualisation of the mechanism of action

A couple of years ago we produced two animations for Edorado. Back then it was important to explain how the different retractable construction parts work and at what stage the development of the boat was. These animations helped Edorado bring in a new investment round and because of that continue to develop their innovation.

The big reveal

The further development of the boat and the adapted design asked for new animations to make the big reveal of the Edorado 8S possible and convince potential clients of the innovations. The deliverables supported the unveil event in September 2021, were used on the new website and were used as pr materials.

Visual storytelling

The animations tease, reveal and have a high end and realistic feel which give the viewer the “wow factor”. This shows in the structure of the visual storytelling by building up from the different mechanic parts, to the carbon, followed by the hull. A teasing close up then leads to the big reveal moments. The animation ends with a realistic image that emphasizes the speed of sailing.

Varied promotion materials

Together with Edorado we determined which deliverables were necessary to complete the promotion materials. That is why besides the unveil animations we created loops, stills of the different views and context renders. There were also banners made for the event, this asked for large format renders. This printable material emphasizes the materials and details of the boat.

Reveal your product in a spectacular way

Releasing a product or service asks for several marketing materials. With video and stills for your website, event and socials you create an unique reveal that convinces your target audience of your concept. Curious about the possibilities?


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