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NS Goed Bezig

Video with animation


NS is Supporter van bewegen’ (Supporter of Movement) and encourages everyone in the Netherlands to keep on moving. Besides their involvement in sport- and other recreational activities NS maps out different walking routes around railway stations; a perfect starting point in all districts. Interesting for commuters, but also for the NS employees. For them NS launched the ‘StationsOmmetjes’; different walking routes around the 12 largest railway stations in the Netherlands.

Apple on the move

With a Golden Delicious Apple as their mascot, NS colleagues are encouraged to take a walk around the block during their lunch break or in their spare time. Train conductor Onur (well known for his appearances on NS social media) and former colleague WandelBart (mastermind behind the routes and impassioned walker himself), went for a stroll together in the city of Utrecht to shoot the promotional video. It was up to us to get the apple moving as well!

Video with animation

A picture as reference and a couple of arms and legs the apple was able to jump, whistle and walk wherever it wanted. The addition of shadow and the compositing of the apple itself made for a credible performance between actor and animation.

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