Infographic animation

Infographic animation

An infographic animation is more than just a bunch of moving statistics. The right design conveys large amounts of information in a clear and appealing way.

Why infographic animation?

An infographic animation gives clarity. When clarifying your message the viewer has to process a lot of information. An infographic animation can be presented as a stand alone video, part of a film or combined with animation. This way, animation can be used to visualize the crux while infographics offer a way to add additional information.

Variety of techniques

We offer services that help you convince and activate your target audience with our up-to-date knowledge of animation and your knowledge of your brand, we like to collaborate on a custom made solution. As a full service creative animation studio we use several techniques that will bring your animation to the next level and show the world what your service, product or process is all about.


A selection of some of our infographic animation projects.

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