The ultimate User Experience

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The ultimate User Experience

When creating animations, such as we do at Studio Analoog, you’re always looking for the best possible ways of showing the client what you’ll be cooking up for them. You want them to see what they’re going to get without having to make them try and understand a two page summary. What better way than using what we do best: visuals!
Beside this, animation doesn’t only do a great job when used to explain a thing or two, it also qualifies as a tool for showing how a website, program, app, service or product will visually work out. Maybe even design the entire way of how the website, program, app, service or product responds on the actions the user executes.
We came across an article that drew our designer heart’s attention. It’s about combining the program After Effects (which we use to create many of the animations you’ve seen from us) with a User Experience workflow.
Though the article focusses on its use in Web Design, this is perfectly useful in animation as well. Better yet, we’ve proven this in a project we did in 2014 ( Here we got the chance to decide how the entire interface would animate. We were able to create plain and simple mockups that showed menu navigation, button animations, transitions and much more. Setting up these basic animations was done in a figure-of-speech-second, but provided our client with a visual, clear and perfectly adjustable way of understanding how their product would turn out. Instead of reading about how the button would scale in and out, and the menubar would slide from bottom to top.
We were allowed to work on this extremely vital part of the product which proved to be a great challenge, but at the same time, though we had never done anything like it before, it fitted really well into our workflow. Sign us up for another one!
This is why we are certain that animation is a valuable contribution when it comes to creating the best User Experience. By combining the clients needs with our teams expertise, we’re able to visualise, prove and offer the best possible experiences to the end user. And that’s exactly what both we, the animators, as well as our clients are after; to offer the users the very best.
For a more in-depth understanding of combining After Effects in a UX workflow, visit

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