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Brandvideo with animation


Together with globally active logistics service provider Rhenus we created the conceptual plan to put Rhenus on the map in the Americas. The end result is a modern and innovative looking brand video that will increase brand awareness within the Americas region, increase awareness of Rhenus Americas worldwide and create interest for the product within the target audience.

Creating the conceptual plan

It was important to visualize the brand identity of Rhenus. Therefore, for every USP a scene was created that embodies that feature. For example, the globe scene shows Rhenus’ worldwide possibilities and the transitions between vehicles represent the in-house assets. The look and feel are in line with the earlier produced LCL animation video and shows that Rhenus is a reliable, future oriented partner.

Authentic real life footage

Even though Rhenus is a huge, global company with many employees and locations, it still has a personal approach. To highlight this strength we came up with the concept to use a sequence of real life footage of portraits of employees. To keep it authentic and personal the footage was shot at locations in the Americas.

Complete package

Based on the full-length animation, two social shorts of approximately 30 seconds were delivered that are used (in a campaign) on social media. The animations are used on the website, in presentations and during conferences. In addition, stills and printable image material was provided for specific targeted purposes.

Reach your target audience

Video is an unmissable part in a successful set of marketing tools, especially as an integral part of a campaign. With a complete package of full-length video, social media short and stills you can reach your target audience.
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