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Garcia is a jeanswear brand that believes in a lifestyle that chooses joy above all else, a joy shared with others. They create jeanswear for men, women, teens and kids and inspire them to live their best lives together. Radygo creates product that protect the human body from radiation.


Fashion brand Garcia introduced the Radygo Smart Collection, a collection of garments with an integrated Radygo Smart Pocket®, protecting you from this radiation.  An innovative product, applied to a pocket, blocking harmful radiation while staying connected.

The goal

The goal of this project was commercial. Therefore it was important to explain how this product works and why it is so necessary in a world where we are connected 24/7 by our devices. Most of the time people are not aware of harmful radiation, that it why the commercial is also partly explanatory. 

Our solution

We created a commercial video with animation that show both the benefits of the collection but also explains its feature and why it has been created. By combining video with animation we show the best parts of the product and have the creative space to explain every part.

final result

This video explains the function of Radygo and shows the importance of being protected from radiation. To combine the best of both worlds we developed this video with animation in cooperation with Blickfänger.


By applying the same look and feel that has been used in the rest of the campaign we created a recognisable and understandable way to explain the innovative nature of the product.


An important element of the strategic direction was a video being used in multiple channels, on the website, as a part of the campaign and instore. It was an unmissable part in a successful set of marketing tools.

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