Explainer video Hebel aerated concrete

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Uitlegvideo Hebel cellenbeton


Commissioned by and in cooperation with Admix we dug deeper into the effect of Hebel’s aerated concrete, developed by the Xella Group. The heat accumulating properties of the material keeps every house nice and warm throughout the year.

4 seasons, 1 minute

As if you are looking at a showbox, we designed the interior and surroundings of the building in a 2D style. This way the 3D visualisation of the main star of the animation, the rooftop, stands out against the colourful setting. With just a few assets every season and time of day has their own look and feel, thus showing the viewer what aerated concrete is all about.

Multiple animations with one deadline?

The explainer video for Hebel aerated concrete and our techincal animation for Xella’s firewall anchors were produced at the same time. Both animations have a complete different visualisation. 3D helps to highlight any technical detail from any angle, and combined with 2D infographics you are assured your viewers won’t miss any piece of information. Does your company need multiple animations with one deadline in mind? Contact us for the possibilities!


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