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The most important message that will reach and convince your target audience is told by the animation itself. But, you can emphasize or enlighten the message more. We offer the opportunity to capture the attention of the viewer with music, sound effects and/or voice-over. A voice-over can bring more information, like instructions or background information. This helps the viewer understand what is happening on screen by explaining or give meaning to the visuals. By adding music and sounds effects we bring your animation more to life. This way you capture the attention of the viewer longer and highlight every detail.

Our roles

As a full service animation studio we offer services from concept to final production. We like to work on projects that challenge us. We want to understand you and your concept by doing extensive research. In combination with the right techniques, we create a tailor made solution that matches your brand and convinces and activates your target audience.


Check out our projects and be inspired by our designs, concepts en ideas.

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