Kenniscentrum Cultuureducatie Rotterdam

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Kenniscentrum Cultuureducatie Rotterdam works on introducing kids and youngsters to art and cultuur. This to let them discover what they find interesting and fun, develop their talents and learn skills in a playful way. KCR want to connect education and culture within the city.


The education offered to the students gives them the opportunity to move in the dynamic, diverse city of Rotterdam. The connection between the sector of art/culture and education is their biggest challenge, as they want to communicate what these parties can expect from each other.

The goal

KCR asked us to create a customer journey animation that tell the story of their work and what they stand for.

Our solution

The result is an animation with a twist, informing the school about their customer journey through a design in line with the identity of the KCR.

Final result

With a pinch of food symbolism their client, schools in Rotterdam, can see how they will collaborate with KCR to pick their own ingredients for a plan custom to their needs. The result was a large selection of visual food (..which left our animators quite hungry).


The creation process of an animation has its own customer journey. In collaboration with KCR brainstorms and sketches took place, leading to a solid ground for the final design and animation.


The animation can be watched online and offline, through website, social media or a first meeting with the client.

Every project asks for a unique approach and solution. Let's have a talk and discuss what we can do to help you!

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