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Motorcycle clothing manufacturers, REV’IT, have been bringing their products to the market since 1995. The balance between technique, functionality, and design have made their collections well appreciated by both professional and recreational motorcyclists. REV’IT combines safety and style into innovative clothing.


Our collaboration with REV’IT started with five product videos to present their latest clothing collection at  the Intermot. It was very successful and therefore they called for our help to present their latest collection at the annual Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori in Milan.

The goal

To present clothing lines at both Intermot, one of the world’s most renowned motorcycle shows and in addition at the annual EICMA, REV’IT wanted to offer their audience the best possible experience and also distinguish itself from the fellow exhibitors.

Our solution

We worked together with Blickfänger to develop several videos in which all the innovations of their products were visualized. For the second project we went a bit further with more 3D, motion tracking, custom graphics and various design applications. The result: an even better balance between product, design, and animation that were not to be missed by the visitors.

Final result

The creatives at Blickfänger called us in, to spotlight the protective hidden qualities of the clothing. Their stylish product videos laid the foundation for the development of a fitting design that seamlessly cooperates with the REV’IT jackets and shoes.


This animation was powered by camera tracking points, time remapping and rotobrushing. Just as the clothing, the technique behind the product is just as interesting as the final result.


In een beurshal met meer dan 200.000 bezoekers gaven de animaties de bezoekers van de stand alle informatie die zij nodig hadden, in elke mogelijke stijl, zonder dat de vierkante meters kleiner werden.

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