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Rotterdam Ahoy rents their building for big events as concerts and conferences, but also organises its own productions. The InfraTech conference is one of these internal events. With 5 different themes small and big companies are represented.


InfraTech is the place to be for the entire Dutch civil engineering sector. This exhibition, organised by Rotterdam Ahoy, reels in over 20.000 visitors to the exhibition hall, where they have the opportunity for social networking and participation in the knowledge programme.

The goal

Rotterdam Ahoy was looking for a solution to explain the core of the exhibition in an approachable manner to visitors and exhibitors. This to present information in a visual appealing way to the target group. The animation needed to be usable on different platforms.

Our solution

The conference is separated into different themes all representing different segments of infrastructure. We wanted to create unique animations for every theme and one full length animation which introduces the event.

Final result

We made sure the design of the animation matches the InfraTech corporate design and website to give it a recognizable look & feel


There’s more to infrastructure than roads and cars; it’s all about smart connections between available and new knowledge, combined into innovative projects. Therefore the storyline of the animation needed to show the various parts within the infra sector. We combined this with a colorful clean design, representing situations from land to water.


The animation was used for promotional purposes on various social media platforms. Also, the separate components were used for other digital designs and print.

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