Edorado 8S

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Edorado Marine is a zero-emission powerboat company from The Netherlands. Edorado is currently accepting reservations for the first batch of boats that will be manufactured. The company is funded by a group of private investors.


The Edorado 8S is an innovative electric power boat which combines a smooth streamlined exterior a comfortable premium interior. The Edorado 8S has the ability to fully retract her foil system into the hull. When leaving a dock at low speed or in shallow water the boat operates as a normal boat. Once flight mode is engaged she will take-off very much like an airplane. You will be flying comfortably above the waves.

The goal

A couple of years ago Edorado Marine was looking for a way to explain how the different retractable construction parts work and at what stage the development of the boat was. In collaboration with Edorado we created animations that helped them bring in a new investment round and because of that they were able to continue to develop their innovation.

Our solution

We created several product unveil animations that tease, reveal and have a high end and realistic feel which give the viewer the “wow factor”. Together with Edorado we determined which deliverables were necessary to complete the promotion materials. Besides the unveil animations we created loops, stills of the different views, context renders and printable material for banners.

Final result

With visual storytelling we build up from the different mechanic parts, to the carbon, followed by the hull. A teasing close up then leads to the big reveal moments. The animation ends with a realistic image that emphasizes the speed of sailing.


The further development of the boat and the adapted design asked for new animations to make the big reveal of the Edorado 8S possible and convince potential clients of the innovations.


The deliverables contributed to the success of the unveil in September 2021.  As part of the pr materials they appeared in, amongst others, Quote and Algemeen Dagblad.

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