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Energiesprong is an independent, revolutionary whole-house deep retrofit and funding approach. It originates in the Netherlands, but has been implemented in a.o. the UK, US, Germany, France and Canada. Via branding studio Offf we were asked to collaborate with Energiesprong on this project.


Energiesprong provides net zero energy houses, which means they generate as much energy as is needed for its heating, hot water and electrical appliances themselves. This is achieved by building prefabricated facades around the houses and providing them with modern heating technologies such as insulated rooftops with solar panels, smart heating, and ventilation and cooling installations. A complete refurbishment can be completed in less than 10 days, but will optimise climate and energy performance for up to 40 years.

The goal

Energiesprong is a complex organization with many different cultures, active in several parts of the world with various target audiences and stakeholders. These are primarily housing corporations and secondarily building parties and suppliers. Therefore, it was important to create an animation that convinces all parties of the added value of NZE. The goal was to get the target audiences both interested in NZE and familiar with Energiesprong. Together with Energiesprong and Offff studio we created a storyline that is easy to understand.

Our solution

We created an informative animation with a commercial character to convince the target audience of the added value of NZE. With a design that not only matches the Energiesprong brand, but is appealing to all parties involved.

Final result

Central in the scenario is the older building in which a lot of energy is consumed and wasted.For the first scenes we created different living situations with various 3D characters and assets.


We developed the different situations from the ground up, starting with sketches and continuously adding assets that create the look and feel of a home.


Energiesprong is active in many different countries, therefore we provided them with several translations of the animation.

The animation was also featured on a report for PBS NewsHour, with millions of daily viewers.

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